How can you decorate your living room with beautiful purple

Purple is a striking color and too much purple can the living do more harm than good. So it is important not to exaggerate. Also note that it can sometimes be better to use different shades of purple. This creates a little more variety and also rest. So what to look for when you decide to decorate your living room with purple?

purpleIs it possible for the walls in your living room purple to paint? Many people dare not do this and that is understandable: the color is very powerful. Still, it can work very well to paint the walls purple. Note here that it might be well to what may be too much if you give a purple color all the walls. Therefore it is better to one or two walls give a purple color. Whatever can be very nice, the ceiling purple dye. This gives a wonderful effect. Bold? Yes, but definitely worth it.

What colors suit purple?
When you’re decorating your living room with purple, it is good to remember what colors fit well with purple. So you can create a beautiful combination that perfectly suits your home. Note well that is really bright colors can provide an overkill. What more neutral colors usually do better.

White and purple create an elegant color combination. You can be addressed in different ways: give white prevailed and get some purple accessories, or do it the other way with purple walls and white furniture and accessories.

Gray and purple creates a modern atmosphere and appearance. It is possible to combine different shades of purple and gray. Both a light shade of purple as a dark can work very well with gray.

When green and purple combined with each other, it is wise not to choose a bright green color. For example, go for a mint color. Optionally you purple and green also once combined with some yellow elements.

Black is very risky to combine with purple. It is wise to choose mauve and also some other light colors to add, such as white, otherwise it is probably too dark.

Although it is said that you are not too much to combine purple with bright colors, red is a beautiful color that goes well with purple. You have to be careful that you divide the colors in a beautiful way. Too much of one color can make the room less beautiful. Optionally, the red and purple can also be combined with gel.
When remodeling your home, it’s important to let your good inspiration. Check websites and magazines. Consider what you like and what not. You can even go to a furniture shop to watch as the spaces are used there. What is done with purple? When you look around yourself, you can quickly judge whether something is within your taste or not.

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