How do you fight ants in the garden

Ants are not harmful to your garden but they are annoying. When the ants take the garden table by the terrace and the kitchen effortlessly managed to achieve than you’d like to do something to combat them.Ants can fight with various pesticides and many different home remedies. There are several, relatively simple ways to while away the ants from the garden. Ants avoid some specific smells and tastes prefer. A few strategically placed plants can therefore work miracles. In addition, ants always walk a set route, you disrupt that route then the animals become disoriented.

Fighting ants with a home remedy

1. Boiling water
A good pesticide is boiling water. One way is to put a large flower pot at the entrance to the nest. Pour along the pot of boiling water and wait a few minutes invert the pot. Many ants will have crawled into the pot to escape the water. Pour the boiling hot water in the pot. You can also pour boiling water in all the exits and repeat this a few days. Boiling water is also a good pesticide against the ants that infest the garbage. The effect is double, no ants and a clean container.

2. Herbal plants
There are some herbs were ants hate to have as sage and basil and a few strategically placed pots keep the ants at bay. But there are other herbs that help to minimize the inconvenience. Both mint and tansy are known for their ant-inflammatory effect. But rosemary, marjoram and lovage fighting ants.

3. Vinegar
Ordinary dilute vinegar or white vinegar with water and regular watering the garden with it. The ratio is one part vinegar to two parts water. A plant sprayer with vinegar water really does wonders.

Throw it in the garbage, but not coffee grounds in the garden. Mix it with a little garden soil and sprinkle it on places you want to keep the ants away. Incidentally, a little coffee is also good for the plants and cats also hate the stuff. If you are not a cat in the garden you want to kill two birds with one stone.

5.Sprinkle with herbs
Ants hate the smell of basil, oregano, garlic, sage, rosemary, clove and cinnamon. You can mix the herbs with water and spraying in the garden or “block” the path of the ants with some litter. In addition, non ants go back over a layer of pepper. Sprinkle some pepper (black, white, cayenne) around the output of an anthill and the ants remain inside.

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