How to start a vegetable garden

Choosing what you want to plant in the garden is one thing, making sure everything is successful by planting it in the right way is another thing. Many people love to roll up their sleeves stabbing himself to then enjoy home-grown vegetables. But how do you start?

gardenPlants determine Distance
The place that the vegetable needs, often error is estimated by someone who starts with a vegetable garden. You should always try to estimate how much space will need the vegetables when they are fully grown. When you plant vegetables too close together, they have enough water, compost or space and that will mean a smaller harvest. For each vegetable this is different. When coal example, you have 50 cm between plants leave, they have the necessary width 60 cm. With zucchini can only put one plant per square meter and the cauliflower rule that lets 60 cm distance between two plants, they also have 60 cm in width required.

How the soil should be treated?

Prevent Gently tamp down
Make sure the soil is sufficiently loosened so that the plants or seeds through to get there. The first floor so pryout for starting plants is always a good start. Avoid entering your body weight to the ground again presses. You can avoid this by getting on a shelf to be at least 30 cm so that your body weight is distributed and the soil is not pressed. Or make a gully just off the sowing or planting area so you do not have to stand on the ground which will be planted. Also easy to use that same gully when you need to remove weeds or plants need watering.

Moisten the soil
That we should give water to the plants we know. But during planting which must also happen. Dip the plant while it is still in the pot in water. Once you have created a hole fills you with water and leaves you drain the water before the new plant put into it. After the plants have put into it and the hole filled up with water again which again pour water over the plant.

Beans and peas
Sprinkle the seeds of beans and peas for planting with a bacterial inoculum. Thus helps the seeds bow dust record so they can grow better and it has a greater yield. Pick beans when they are tender and have the diameter of a pencil. When daily harvest stimulates this growth.

To harvest the apples stimulate the sprayed the leaves of the tree three times with seaweed extracts. The time at which this is done is important. The first time you irrigate when the bones swell. The second time you do this when the petals have fallen off and the last time when the apples have a diameter of 12 mm.

Carrots need a loose soil without stones. So make a garden bed ready by deep dig and remove the stones. Spit, at least up to 30 cm deep. Break the clods and remove roots of other vegetables that grew originally. Sprinkle 5cm compost on the garden bed and dig it in to loosen the soil. If the soil is really heavy, you can add another 5 cm of sand there that they work back in the ground.

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