Tips to cool in a heat wave

Summer is the season where most of us great pleasure to watch. It is the season of good weather and the school holidays. Many people go into the summer holiday to a sunny destination or just keep at home to enjoy the sunshine. But summer is not just sun, sea and sand; there are also certain disadvantages associated with hot weather, especially with a scorching heat wave. In this special summer offers a host of tips for the summer in a pleasant way to come.

summerHow can you stay cool during a heat wave?

Know your body
A good starting point to survive a heat wave effectively is to know your body well and respect. Are you someone who sweat a lot? Do you have a headache quickly in the sun? Or do you get prone to heart palpitations? Voice your behavior than in the first place on how you experience the heat itself. Imagine your body unnecessarily exposed to the sun if you are developing rapidly annoying symptoms of sunstroke or dehydration.

Avoid too much alcohol, coffee and tea
Alcohol seems at first sight harmless to drink in extreme heat, because what tastes better than a cold beer on a sunny afternoon? Nevertheless, you should especially limit the use of alcohol as well as coffee and tea. All three are the products drifting moisture, which can increase the risk of dehydration, as you sweat a lot anyway in a heat wave.

Mineral water is better than soda
Soda for some, a good way to quickly gain some sugars if they feel tired or lethargic. The sugars can actually give you a boost, but if you drink more soft drinks will continue to swell your thirst. Your throat will be drier and you will want to drink more. Therefore simple mineral water better than sugary drinks to quench the thirst.

Cover your head and body
Wear a hat against the sun is crucial to stop the pressure of a heavy heat and avoid headaches. Choose a cap or hat that sits easily around your head and not too bright tightens because that can also cause a headache again. Also protect the rest of your body from unnecessary burns from the sun. A painful skin caused by sunburn is totally unnecessary.

Keep extreme heat out
When a heat wave it is important to literally keep your cool. Refresh your face regularly with water and do not forget to moisturize your neck with a wet washcloth. Also wash your hands and your arms can be very refreshing. If you stay indoors, make sure also to keep the pleasant atmosphere in the house: Make sure that heat is kept out by closing windows and doors.

Mobile air conditioning or fan
If you want fast cooling using a fan. Fans just move the air but can still do a little virtue. Do you really want effective action against extreme heat rather than an air conditioner at home. That does not costly classical conditioning to be on the wall; mobile air conditioners are also possible. There are convenient mobile air conditioners on the market that you can take with you when you move to another room in the house.

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